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About Us

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What is BSAK Ranch?

The name BSAK Ranch was inspired from the Biblical scripture Psalm 46:10 - "BStill And Know that I am God."
Since 1997 when Dennis & Laquita Johnson purchased this property they set out to reserve it as a place of rest and refuge for family, friends, retreats and their livestock. After taking over ranching operations, we continue this practice in our grassfed beef program. Our cattle are homegrown, raised on our ranch and given free-range. To ensure the health of our land and livestock, we rotate our cattle to fresh pastures regularly. We hold high standards for what it means to be "Grass-Fed" and are proud members of the American Grass-fed Association (AGA), and the Global Animal Partnership (GAP). Striving for the best, we provide fresh grazing on over 6,000 acres of our native and improved pasture. Our cattle receive NO-Growth Hormones, NO-Antibiotics, and NO Grains – EVER! Because only the best will do! 



 Brad and Linsey have three wonderful children, Laney, Blane, and Lyla. Brad is our Game and Wildlife Biologist and has received his Masters from Texas A&M in Range Management. Linsey is also a Texas A&M graduate and has received her Masters in AG Education with an emphases in Leadership Development. Together they have over 20 years of ranching experience. BSAK holds a special place in their lives since the ranch has been in the family since 1997. Brad and Linsey are exceptional stewards of BSAK and work diligently to better the land and livestock.



Will is a family friend and was hired on the BSAK Ranch team as the Assistant Ranch Manager in 2015. Since implementing Will's gifts he has taken over our Texas operation as Ranch Manager/ Director of Sales and Marketing. Will has helped grow our operation and we are thankful for his gifts and insights. Will and his family hold the same values, beliefs and standards in raising sustainable 100% pasture raised meats. Together Will and Jes are a dynamic duo and have a rich love for the outdoors. They have four children, Kayna, Henry, Leona, and Jack! Follow our BSAK Ranch Facebook page to get an inside look at life on the ranch. #TeamEnger