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100% Grass-Fed

We are certified grass-fed beef producers by the "AGA" American Grassfed Association. All of our animals are born and raised on our ranch and graze freely on open pasture and forage from weaning until harvest.

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NO Antibiotics

Animals receive NO Antibiotic and NO growth hormones. If in the event an animal requires an antibiotic for their health and well being, the animal will receive the proper treatment per the Veterinarian's recommendation and will be removed from the herd and will no longer be a part of our beef operation. 

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Raised on Pasture

No confinement for our animals. Cattle graze freely in the open pasture(s) and have the freedom to live and be happy.

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NO Grains

NO Grains Here! All of our animals are raised on 100% Grass. Check out our standards at the American Grassfed Association

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